Self Defense for Children

Child abuse is one of the worst incidents that is increasing every day as children are the ‘safest and easiest’ targets to satisfy the bad desires of some perverted people. The truth is, not only girl child, but also the boy childs become easy victims and they can’t even explain the situation to their near ones properly. As a result, the children gradually develop phobia, get depressed, lose their focus from life-goals and become introvert. However, it’s not a big challenge to prevent most of the cases if we become aware, accept the current scenario and train our children accordingly from their very young age.

At RDX, we have highly experienced trainers who know the tricks to train a child without making them alert. We train them every tactic that doesn’t require muscle and still they can prevent an incident successfully. We also train them when and how to take support from parents or other near ones and so on.

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