Know Your Legal Rights

A punch or a kick isn’t the right answer always — you need to know how law can defend your opponent and how it can safeguard you from unwanted bitter incidents. Whether it is a social abuse, sexual harassment, mass attack or financial bankruptcy, there are Indian Pinal Codes that can protect you perfectly without any violence. But, the only thing is — YOU NEED KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS.

In modern days, cops have become enough serious about people’s safety and their reputation and thus, there can’t be any better way than utilising them for your protection. But, if you don’t know how and when you can utilise them to safeguard you, it’s not possible to get the right support from them.

In this class, our Criminal Lawyer Mr.Aniruddha Datta provides detailed training on Indian Pinal Code and several useful and common laws that everyone should know.