About Us


REALISTIC DEFENSE XTREME is an institute established in 1997 by Shihan Aniruddha Datta, Black Belt 6th DAN, Japan. Primarily it was a full-contact Mixed-Martial Art Organisation that gradually upgraded itself and included courses that are not just sports — but some real training meant for real life scenario.

Realistic Defense Xtreme (RDX) Self Defense System is a practical situation based self defense training organisation for people of all ages, specially designed to overcome Indian anti-social activities. Our aim is to prepare everyone in such a way that they can easily apply it in their real life situations to protect themselves as well as their near-ones. We believe in fights that has NO RULES, NO LIMIT, NO MERCY.


  • WMAC (UK), World Wide Registration No G-269785/16
  • Associated with FIT India Movement, Govt. of India
Being a responsible organisation we encourage ‘working for everyone’. We focus on the core factors of any life saving scenario — knowledge, understanding, realisation, and implementation. We don’t just teach martial art. We teach modern brand new situation based appropriate effective life-saving technique with attentiveness, mental and physical training.

We have three phases in our each training modules:


No one can predict a bad incident. So, it’s always better to be always prepared with all safety measures and take enough precaution to deter any bad incident. In this module we train on several kinds of preventive measures based on various situations. The basic parts of this module are mental awareness, precaution, self esteem, fear factor, panic control, safety tips, verbal defense, mental diet, bulling, stalking.


It’s not always possible to stay away from the bad incidents — no matter how careful you were to avoid and prevent such situations. So, when it finally happens, you can’t always get chance to step back and you must need to participate with complete mind setup and physical factors to safeguard your family and yourself.

In this module we teach about several types of abuses and various techniques on how to handle those situations properly. This module also teach types of criminals, several acts on your legal right to defense etc. — no matter your attacker is armed or un-armed, one or many. For any live scenario, we always train our students on how to use dirty technique to protect yourself and win the situation. We also include vital parts of human anatomy, how to use your whole body as your weapon and several other important factors that can be handy at any situation.


We know, that even after all training, mistakes happen and people get victimised. So, we also provide detailed training on a post-abuse situation on how to survive, when you already have become a victim. Know your social boundaries, legal rights, bounce back methods, trauma care, self-motivation etc. also are part of this training. We say, never give up! We’ll tell you how to use Indian Law for you, several forums that can help you get justice.


“Self defense is everyone’s birth right; so, everyone should learn and apply it in their real life situation.”


“We don’t believe in rules, medals, and traditional martial arts, because self defense system is not a sport or game. It’s a dirty game, where your attacker won’t mercy you and won’t give you time, won’t give you chance! So, get ready, never give up, no mercy.


Why Join Realistic Defense Xtreme?

With modern impatient and moral-less lifestyle, people are getting cruel, violent and aggressive day by day and as a result several types of women and child abuse, corporate abuse, street fights are increasing rapidly. So, if you aren’t prepared for such situation or if you haven’t prepared your children to face any such situation boldly, you can be the next victim. Here’s a report published by Indian Crime Bureo. Just check and plan accordingly. Choice is yours!

Label: Women Abuse 82%
Child Abuse 65%
Street Fight 46%
Corporate Abuse 76%